Stainless Steel Slide

The Stainless Steel Slide Application

The new stainless steel slide is trendy, whether indoor children’s playground or outdoor playground, shopping malls, parks, residential areas, scenic spots are indispensable stainless steel slide. As a high-end amusement equipment project, the appearance of stainless steel slide not only dramatically improves the grade of the surrounding amusement facilities but also becomes a powerful tool for shopping malls and amusement parks to attract guests.

Advantages Of Stainless Steel Slide

Stainless steel slide over the traditional slide, stainless steel slide in the aspect of application scenarios, material selection, customization has obvious advantages, the shepherd boy group in fully understand the material properties of the stainless steel case, tailored for the customer the many excellent ground project, also accumulated the rich design experience, unlimited stainless steel slide not only in height but also built according to the slope, better adapt to the site conditions, meet the demand of personalized customization.

Stainless steel tube slide

The custom stainless steel slide is made of 304 universal stainless steel, it is widely used in the production of good comprehensive performance (corrosion resistance and molding) recreation equipment, such as spiral slide, multi-curved non-standard landscape recreation products

Steel slide

According to the shape can be divided into stainless steel GuanPing slide, translucent spiral slide stainless steel, stainless steel pipe special-shaped barrels all slides stainless steel tube, stainless steel slides up and down, double slide, stainless steel slide, translucent store large stainless steel spiral slide, stainless steel, translucent slide, stainless steel spiral all-pass slide, stainless steel special-shaped half park slide

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