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Children are more exciting with Theme Playgrounds because it’s not just fun but they can have an extraordinary experience in a fantasy world. And it has great help in inspiring the creativity of children.

From train to castle to pirate ship and dinosaur theme, Cowboy team can help your design and build your own signature themed playground for Public & Private Facilities. our custom and themed play provide the perfect setting and equipment for imaginative play.

Getting Started

To construct and make a themed park playground, you first need to have themed park ideas to understand the development and themed park design. The theme park is like a utopia in the world. Its development process is always closely connected with the development history of the city. From the first urban amusement parks with science fiction and excitement to animal viewing to theme parks that integrate entertainment functions, accommodation, and shopping, the interpretation of these spaces in different periods must conform to the historical context of the time.

Cowboy group as a professional engaged in outdoor theme park design, planning, and construction units, experience tells us that only founded on the six elements: accurate theme park design choice, the choice of the appropriate theme park site, a unique theme park of creative culture connotation and theme parks, flexible marketing strategy, depth of the theme park development, unique theme park design.

Theme park design is to rely on creativity to promote the idea of tourism products, therefore, the theme choice of the theme park is particularly important. The successful theme parks in the world are all distinctive and distinctive, just like walking in a painting, leaving an unforgettable impression on people. The mostly Chinese theme park, a theme repeated, lack of personality, in the majority with copying, simulation, imitate, contents, authenticity, and lack of scientific and artistic quality and interest sex, lack of careful market analysis and real ideas, to build landscape construction of landscape, the result is, of course, struggle or hasty end, and a waste of financial resources, manpower, and material resources.

Dinosaur Themed Playground

The theme park and theme playground in the leisure industry refer to the park with a specific theme of recreation, for people to play, leisure, enjoy a specific space make a theme park

Theme Park Design

Theme park design and development and construction of subject planning in advance, a paradise of venues, facilities, activities, performance, mood, such as landscape, ancillary facilities

Theme Park Equipment

Theme park equipment are according to the theme concept and model, make these with the relevant elements are unified under the central idea of this topic, the formation of a specific topic at the amusement park.

Why Choose Us

· Responsibilities
The customer manager is the first person in charge of the project in the Iron Triangle. The design plan manager and the delivery and service manager work in full coordination. The Iron Triangle model is based on the specific project, so it can flexibly and effectively connect with the customer organization, and through the cooperative operation of the customer manager, design project manager, delivery and service manager, timely and effectively meet the diversified needs of customers, expand and deepen customer relations, and achieve a win-win goal.

· Experience
Cowboy has over 17 years of professional outdoor equipment industry experience, it is the largest manufacturer of children’s amusement equipment in China. We are specialized in designing, manufacturing, and installing amusement parks for children. With our great efforts and continuous improvement in quality, we get a high reputation in domestic and overseas markets and our products are sold well in the USA, Europe, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East, as well as other countries and regions.

· Win-Win relationship
We ensured a complete goal between our customers and us. We work with our customers as real partners helping them achieve their business / operational goals and in the process of our goals too. We’ve set our Core values as Customer Focus, Professionalism, and Reliability. We try very hard to imbibe these values as the culture of our organization and teams. These values can be our key differentiator and can be conducive to creating sustainable cooperation with customers in the long term.

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